Friday, November 22, 2013

Christopher McQuarrie Will Direct Colin Firth In ‘Three to Kill’

Colin Firth Single Man Christopher McQuarrie Will Direct Colin Firth In Three to Kill

Published 9 hours ago by Andrew Crump

Since busting out of director jail last year and helming a big screen treatment of Jim Grant’s Jack Reacher series, Christopher McQuarrie has been making every effort to keep himself busy; the former Wolverine scribe has hopped on board for a feature-length rendition of British TV series Unforgiven (not, as one might assume, a remake of the classic Clint Eastwood Western), and more recently signed up to take the reigns on Mission: Impossible 5, which will reunite him with Reacher star Tom Cruise. (To say nothing of his numerous writing credits, which include, but aren’t limited to, Jack the Giant Slayer and Cruise’s 2014 sci-fi action flick, Edge of Tomorrow.)

Now, McQuarrie has added yet another production to his burgeoning pile: an adaptation of Three to Kill, a book by French author Jean-Patrick Manchette. That’s not to be confused with Three Days to Kill, also French, but a completely different picture altogether. Manchette’s narrative, set on the country’s coast, revolves around a businessman who finds himself caught in the sights of two ruthless killers after witnessing a murder; with McQuarrie at the wheel and Howard Rodman on script duty, the leading role has been handed over to Colin Firth, though no other casting information has been made available thus far.


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