Saturday, January 4, 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch Rules Out Romance In New Series Of Sherlock

By Deepika Rajani On January 3, 2014

Whilst the next episode of Sherlock will see Dr Watson - played by Martin Freeman - marry the love of his life, Mary, it looks like the iconic Baker Street detective won't be following suit any time soon after Benedict Cumberbatch revealed that Sherlock won't be falling in love.

Quizzed about whether Sherlock will find his Mrs Right in the third series of the show, Benedict told told EntertainmentWise recently: "No",  but then hinted: "There might be something in the arena of proximity, who knows?"

The actor also spoke of how easy he found slipping back into the character of Sherlock who made his return to the show on New Year's day in The Empty Hearse. He said: "The third season for some reason was alot easier to slip back into. That's also a strength of the writing team and where they are taking it with the characters."

Despite finding it easy to slip back into role, it appears it will take Sherlock a lot longer to get back into the groove of things. He said: "Yeah, he's been away for two years and I think he's rusty. He's rusty about human relationships especially with his best friend and with London and I think it takes a bit of time for him to get back into his game.

"You find out a whole lot more about why he is the way he is. There's more of a back story. It's really interesting to try and understand how he came about being the way he is in the 21st century."


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