Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Disappointment For Downton Abbey Fans As PBS Stick To Delayed Air Date

By Joanna Crawley On January 21, 2014

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US fans of Brit TV import Downton Abbey have been left disappointed as PBS confirm they will be sticking to a January premiere across the Atlantic, despite viewers calling for a shorter delay between the UK and US air dates.

The third series of the smash hit drama has recently starting airing in the US, around four  months after UK fans saw the drama unfold at the Crawley family residence.

Despite calls for a similiar air date to the UK so US fans won't see plotlines ruined and piracy can be cut down, PBS are sticking to their guns. The Public Broadcasting Service president Paula Kerger has insisted that new series will continue to air in January:

"It would be very hard for me to imagine putting it anywhere else than where it has seemed to have found a very strong audience," she said.

The fourth series - shown in the UK in September - had more than 10 million viewers in the US when it kicked off on January 5.

Even the First Lady Michelle Obama was reported to have asked ITV bosses for season three on DVD of the Julian Fellowes drama, ahead of its official US release date, because she was such a big fan of the show.


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Liz Elliot said...

That's just silly of itv. They make such a big stink about not watching it "illegally" from the UK - if they don't want us to do that, then they should give it to us sooner. And as far as Downton finding its audience in January, that show is popular enough, people would watch it any time it airs!