Tuesday, January 7, 2014

(video) Sherlock’s Amanda Abbington on the “infuriating thing” about Martin Freeman (spoilers)

Emma Daly
12:28 PM, 07 January 2014

After joining the cast of Sherlock as John Watson's wife Mary Morstan, Amanda Abbington admits there’s one “infuriating” thing about working with her real-life partner Martin Freeman.

He probably embarrasses her? Teases her? Tells everyone what she’s really like at home…? Oh, wait. It’s nothing like that at all. He’s just good at learning lines.

“Working with Martin is a joy, it really is," says Abbington. "The infuriating thing about Martin is he will get his sides, his script, and he’ll say ‘right, go over it with me’. He’ll read it once, he’ll read it twice and then he’ll say ‘test me’ and he’ll know his lines verbatim.

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