Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Julian Fellowes On Downton Abbey: Season 6 'May Be Our Last' Due To 'The Gilded Age,' Season 5 Episode 1 And 2 Begin Filming!

By Robert Kuang | February 04, 2014 09:50 AM EST

As "Downton Abbey" begins filming season 5, creator Julian Fellowes is once again rustling uneasiness amongst fans by saying that season 6 may be the series' last.

It began when rumors that "Downton Abbey" season 5 might be the last of the series went viral online. However, executive producer Gareth Neame had since shot down the rumor.

"I can confirm that there are no plans to end the show after the fifth series," said Neame to E! News.

"ITV commission each series on a year-by-year basis. For now ITV have commissioned series five and that is what we are busy preparing."

But despite the momentary relief, "Downton Abbey" fans may have to prepare themselves anyway, because Julian Fellowes has said instead that season 6 could be the final season.

"Unlike America, in England we have to wait until the season finishes airs before we receive a pick-up; we're not renewed multiple years in advance. We never want to jinx anything."

"That's good because it keeps everyone at the top of their game. If there is a sixth season, it may be our last. I'm about to start on a new US drama called 'The Gilded Age' for NBC Universal. And the last thing I want is to juggle two shows."

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