Monday, March 24, 2014

Martin Clunes & A Lion Called Mugie

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: March 24, 2014
By Keeley Bolger

Two decades ago, Martin Clunes was known for playing lager-guzzling lad Gary in Men Behaving Badly, but now, you’re more likely to find him down on his farm or in a far-flung nature reserve filming lions. It’s beyond his wildest dreams, he tells Keeley Bolger

As an owner of three dogs, Martin Clunes is used to taking a brisk stroll around his Dorset farm with the pooches in tow. But on a recent trip to Kenya, he found himself quite literally walking on the wild side.

The Doc Martin actor was in the Kora National Reserve in a remote part of Kenya, filming his new wildlife series Martin Clunes & A Lion Called Mugie, when he found himself striding alongside the young lion – as well as some well-trained lion experts.

“I was quite scared,” admits Clunes, and that’s despite having met Mugie on a few occasions over the three years it took to film the documentary about the orphaned cub.

“He didn’t remember me from when he was little,” says the actor, who’s married to TV producer Philippa Braithwaite and has one daughter, Emily.

“He ran at me a bit, and his play-fighting was challenging.”

There was one moment that is clearly etched on his mind.

“I swear he was eyeing me up at one point,” says the 52-year-old.

“You know that look a cat gives before it pounces? I’ve got two cats and I think I know that look, and when we were out I went, ‘Oh, he’s looking at me!”’

Luckily, the animal lover kept his cool. “I’m sure if I’d been edgy, the claws would have come out. Those paws were big,” he notes, chuckling.

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