Monday, March 24, 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch Takes Over From Tom Hiddleston In New ‘Good To Be Bad’ Jaguar Commercial [VIDEO]


Benedict Cumberbatch

One of the highlights of the Super Bowl was Jaguar’s “Good To Be Bad” commercial, starring Tom Hiddleston and fellow “British villains” Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong in a campaign riffing on the movie trope.

Now, Benedict Cumberbatch has his own “Good To Be Bad” Jaguar commercial, with a voiceover spot in a 35-second spot for the brand’s XFR Growler. The only problem – it’s only a voiceover spot, so fans won’t actually get to see him.

Benedict Cumberbatch has actually been providing Jaguar voice-overs for years now, narrating a campaign for the XKR-S in 2011 and starring in the “Alive” ads in 2012 – that means that he himself is in them, not just his voice.


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