Thursday, May 8, 2014

'Man of Steel 2' aka 'Batman Vs Superman' Rumored Plot Spoilers: Henry Cavill Character Clark Kent to Die, Metallo & Lex Luther Villian?

By Sonalee singh | May 8, 2014 7:25 AM EST

"Man of Steel 2" aka "Batman vs Superman" is the most awaited film in the fantasy fiction genre. Since the production of film has begun various rumors regarding the plot of the film have splurged online. The recent rumors suggest that "Man of Steel 2" aka "Batman vs Superman" will see the death of Clark Kent's alter ego.  Though there is no confirmation to the plot rumors, various discussions on the online forums have heightened the curiosity around the film. Take a look at the some of the rumoured "Man of Steel 2" plot spoilers as compiled by Moviepilot,

Metallo could be the major villain apart from Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). The rumors further suggest that Metallo will also be responsible for Henry Cavill's character's (Clark Kent) alleged death. There is no official confirmation here but Metallo could posses Kryptonian power source, which will make him a powerful anti hero. Another rumor says that Superman will be in exile for most of his time in "Man of Steel 2".

Apparently, Superman played by Henry Cavill will be devastated after the destruction of metropolis. Lex Luther and Batman will go in search of Superman. Lex Luther wants to end Superman where as Batman decides to save Superman. These are just the rumors as the maker of the film Zack Snyder is making sure that nothing regarding the movie is leaked till the time it hit the theaters. Recently, Ben Affleck's wife Jennifer Garner came under fire for unknowingly leaking a bit of details regarding the Batsuit.

"I have gotten in some trouble for my little quotes and I'm learning to [keep my mouth shut]," explained Garner during an interview with Collider. "I thought that I was saying things that were foregone conclusions and it turns out nothing is, and you won't be hearing from me on the Batman front [again]."


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