Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Watch James McAvoy And Michael Fassbender's 'X-Men' Impressions (Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen)

6/2/2014 at 5:07 PM ET

In order to play Professor X and Magneto in X-Men: Days of Future Past, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender had to study old footage of Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen, who play the older versions of the two characters.

As the below video demonstrates, they perhaps studied the footage a little too closely. Asked by Stewart and McKellen to share their impressions, Fassbender says "Three days as the crow flies" in a pitch perfect Gandalf voice, then launches into a word for word recreation of a speech that McKellen delivered in front of the Royal Shakespeare Company about Macbeth in 1979. McAvoy, meanwhile, says "Logan, haven't you got a lesson to teach?" in a way that makes Stewart slap his knee in disbelief.

It's easy to see why McAvoy and Fassbender decided to only loosely channel Stewart and McKellen in the film rather than do the exact imitation you see in the video. Had they taken the latter approach, Days of Future Past would have been an early contender for funniest movie of the year.

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