Saturday, May 9, 2015

Colin Firth: Fabric Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles Makes Red Carpet Appearance


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Livia and Colin Firth stun with recycled and reused outfits as they promote responsible consumption in the 21st century

You’re already familiar with fleeces and other rugged fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, but Livia Firth’s gown for this year’s Met Ball shows that eco-friendly fashion isn’t just for Columbia Sportswear anymore.

The dress was made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles, redesigned and broken down into the fibers to sew a dark red dress. Firth’s design explored the event’s Eastern theme while simultaneously exposing the flexibility of recycled fibers using Newlife Fabric.

Though the structure and process of the dress are interesting, most comment has come up about the back of the dress. Small pinprints of design are worked into the fabric with dark stitching to illustrate both the flexibility of Newlife Fabrics, and to underscore the complexity and subtlety of the overall issue of sustainable fashion.

Firth’s date, Colin Firth, joined her in making a green choice of attire for the ball. He wore a 100 percent organic wool suit made by Tom Ford, the one he had worn from the 2011 Academy awards. The pair’s choice to not only use sustainable fabrics, but to reuse outfits from earlier events, made its own statement about responsible consumption in the 21st century.

Images: Instagram, Livia Firth


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