Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tom Hardy cast as Green Lantern for Justice League movie (fan share)

There was a bit of a debate going on recently, about whether or not Ryan Reynolds should return as the Green Lantern for the Justice League movie, following the flop that was the Green Lantern standalone movie. Some claimed that Ryan should get another shot at it, while others believed that a new star should be cast.

It has been revealed that Mad Max: Fury Road star Tom Hardy has been cast in the role of Green Lantern for the Justice League movie. It is believed that the character's alter ego will once again be Hal Jordan but Tom Hardy is expected to bring a much different spin on the character.

That means that we will once again see Henry Cavill as Superman, while Eddie Redmayne will play Batman, Meghan Markle will play Wonder Woman and Ryan Gosling will play The Flash. The only character left to cast for the Justice League movie is Aquaman and we will bring you that as we get it.

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