Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tom Hiddleston - Tom Hiddleston Takes On Poverty Challenge (CONTACT MUSIC)

British actor Tom Hiddleston has vowed to live on just $1.50 (£0.93) a day for one week to support a United Nations (U.N.)Children's Fund (Unicef) campaign in aid of starving children.

Hiddleston tweeted, "(This week) I start living Below The Line to help Unicef stop children suffering from hunger. Take the challenge too. The World Bank defines poverty as living on less than £1 a day. The challenge is to buy all the food and drink you need to survive for five days with just £5 (£1 per day)."

The Brit added that he was going to "miss coffee very much" and shared photos of his first pared-down meals, including toast and a plate of rice and vegetables.

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