Saturday, May 18, 2013

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH: 10 Hints About “Star Trek Into Darkness” (Presented In Benedict Cumberbatch GIFs)

Amelia McDonell-Parry  (THE FRISKY)

n honor of “Star Trek Into Darkness,” which opens TO-FUCKING-DAY, I had planned on devoting this entire week to the series. STAR TREK WEEK, I was calling it, because I am creative. And then I got strep throat and was basically comatose in bed from Monday through Wednesday, returning yesterday to work quietly from my sickbed. Star Trek Week was ruined. OR WAS IT? See, having a week devoted to “Star Trek” on The Frisky is maybe a little odd, a little self-indulgent, but the bonus is that I can basically have it anytime I want, so Star Trek Week will go on next week, a week late, because like Jean Luc Picard, I am the Captain of this ship and I WILL MAKE IT SO.

1. It features two exciting villains, one of whom some fans will probably be angry about.

2. Yeah, I said, twooooo villains. One of whom is John Harrison, played by the Sexiest Mole Rat. The second is … well, someone Captain Kirk and crew should be able to trust.. As for John Harrison? 

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