Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman grab a coffee as HUNDREDS of fans line the streets to see them film Sherlock (PICTURES) By LOUISE SAUNDERS (MAIL ON LINE)

It's become one of the nation's most popular television shows since it first hit screens back in 2010. 

And Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman received a welcome of superstar proportions as they got to work shooting the upcoming third series of Sherlock on London's Baker Street on Tuesday. 

Greeted by hundreds of fans who were evidently desperate to catch a glimpse of their idols, the co-stars didn't seem to be at all fazed by the plethora of viewers keen to enjoy a slice of the action.

Chatting away as they wandered along companionably, Martin was evidently in need of a caffeine boost as he sipped away on a coffee. 

The duo seemed to be shooting scenes involving a black cab, and in spite of the fact that their every move was being documented by hundreds of camera-wielding fans, they didn't seem to be too bothered by the huge amount of attention they were receiving.

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