Friday, February 21, 2014

‘Downton Abbey’ Season 5 SPOILERS: Twins Cast To Play ****** Baby Daughter; Filming Begins With New Cast Members


Downton Abbey

There are, or will soon be, two new little members of the “Downton Abbey” cast: a Twitter user revealed that “Downton Abbey” began filming this week and that the show held auditions for twin baby girls to play Edith’s daughter.

A Twitter source told Wetpaint, “filming starts this week until August. Edith returns with her baby. I know this because my twins had an audition!”

Another new actor on the show, Richard E. Grant, revealed that Season 5 had begun filming on Twitter.

“First day on DOWNTON ABBEY duty. Was downstairs in GOSFORD PARK. Been promoted upstairs. Progress? Will wait and see,” Grant tweeted on February 15.

He also tweeted a picture of part of his costume: a pair of black leather gloves. “Must be true ‘cos they’ve got my name on it,” he wrote.

As we previously reported, Grant – who has appeared on “Girls” and “Doctor Who” – will play a character named Simon Bricker, who visits Downton as a guest of the Granthams. He was one of three new cast members revealed earlier this week.

Anna Chancellor (“Hysteria,” “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”) will play Lady Anstruther, in a guest role.

Rade Sherbedgia (“The Legend of Hercules,” “In The Land of Blood and Honey”) will play Kuragin, a Russian refugee who has fled the Russian revolution after WWII.


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