Friday, February 21, 2014

The Ultimate Conflict: Benedict Cumberbatch Vs. Tom Hiddleston


Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch are beloved by the world and are similar in many ways. They both have beautiful British mannerisms, wicked sense of humours, and are by no means afraid to mock themselves. Oh, we probably shouldn’t forget to mention that they are both unbelievably sexy. But who comes out on top in the battle of the sexiest upper middle class actors with voices of velvet?

Top Impressions
Benedict Cumberbatch impersonating Alan Rickman and Chewbacca and Graham Norton. ‘Nuff said.

But... Tom Hiddleston could win an Oscar with his impression of Owen Wilson. He does Alan Rickman too. And a Velociraptor.

Winner: Benedict Cumberbatch. Even Harrison Ford was impressed with his rendition of Chewy.

Top Pranks
It looks like Benedict Cumberbatch is more the prankee than the pranker – during the filming of Star Trek, Simon Pegg told Benny that he had to wear dots of cream of his face to neutralise the neutrons and he BELIEVED IT.

Tom Hiddleston is quite the prankster prince with his “Loki’d” ways – basically in a skit he goes out of his way to prank his friend Josh Horowitz by doing things like giving him decaffeinated coffee and paying for his lunch. LOKI’D!

Winner: Tom Hiddleston

Sexiest Dancing
Benedict Cumberbatch loves to dance, and there’s a particularly hilarious video of him grooving along to Thriller. Of course we can’t ignore his ballet skills in series 3 of Sherlock as well, rocking that pirouette Benedict. Great job.

You don’t even need to ask Tom Hiddleston to dance – he’ll just do it. He’s grooved all across the world as fans have fallen deeply in love with his mad moves.

Winner: BOTH. This isn’t against the rules WE MAKE THE RULES.

Evil Prowess
Benedict Cumberbatch played the malevolent Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness and stirred fear (and adoration) in our hearts with his rage that bubbled just under the surface. There is something distinctly unlovable about Khan though…it might be that he tears heads in half.

Tom Hiddleston shot to fame as fan favourite Loki from the Marvel universe. He’s now played the role of the cheeky God in three movies, and we never want him to stop. Ever.

Winner: Tom Hiddleston

Most Devoted Fanbase
This is a tricky one. Benedict Cumberbatch’s fans affectionately call themselves Cumberbitches and fawn over him like the God that he is (quite rightly). During the Graham Norton show fans came to adore him from Germany, Hong Kong and Nebraska!

Tom Hiddleston’s fans lurve him. You just need to look at Tumblr, though you should be prepared for a whirlwind of gifs at Tom smiling at you. It will be overwhelming. But wonderful. It’s also a little awkward that Loki is a MUCH bigger fanbase than the Marvel good guys.

Winner: Benedict Cumberbitch. *batch.

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CyprusDiesel said...

you can't. you really cannot choose between them. not only are the items listed above hard to choose but so are their acting skills. they both can play such wide range of characters. love them both...