Friday, August 8, 2014

Colin Firth's in-laws thought Mr Darcy looked more 'constipated' than sexy

By Hannah Furness, and agencies
3:08PM BST 08 Aug 2014

It was the role that set a generation of women's heart a-flutter, but it appears Colin Firth's in-laws were less enamoured with his portrayal of Mr Darcy.

Livia Firth, the actor's wife, has disclosed her family could not understand why viewers would find his appearance in Pride and Prejudice sexy, confusing British reserve for looking "constipated".

Mrs Firth, an Italian eco-campaigner, said her family had questioned whether she could really find the aloof aristocratic character attractive.

The BBC adaptation propelled Firth to fame in Britain, and was later immortalised in the Bridget Jones books, for its "wet shirt scene", which saw the young actor diving into a lake.

The scene saw him emerging dripping wet in a translucent white shirt, and set him up as a heartthrob for a generation of fans.

Mrs. Firth has now told Vanity Fair magazine her family were initially less impressed with the role, finding the attraction confusing.

The couple met filming in Cartagena, Colombia, before Pride and Prejudice aired in 1995. Mrs Firth, now 45, told the magazine: ‘When I met Colin he wasn’t yet Mr Darcy, and we started the courtship. ‘And then Pride and Prejudice came out, and the response from my family and all the Italians was ‘Do you really consider this guy sexy?’

‘Italians can’t deal with English restraint. They think the reserve of an Englishman is constipated.’


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