Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tom Hiddleston In 'I Saw the Light' & 9 Other Times He Totally Transformed for a Role — PHOTOS


There’s nothing better than when actors take selfies while on set so we can see them in their costumes. Thanks to I Saw the Light co-stars Josh Pais and Elliott Grey, we get to see Tom Hiddleston in his full on Hank Williams attire, 1950s suit and all. But Hiddleston is no stranger to transforming for his roles. He even once said, “I’m actually a terrible actor, I just dye my hair a lot.”

While the terrible actor part couldn’t be further from the truth, he does dye his hair a lot. He’ll be dark-haired for Loki and then switch to red for The Hollow Crown and then go back to his natural blond for Coriolanus. He basically looks different in every film he’s in, and I think that’s kind of cool — he’s never playing the same sort of role. 

Even when he’s portraying Loki repeatedly in Marvel sequels, Hiddleston brings a new look to the table each time. As an actor I think it’s imperative that you be able to completely transform for your role so you don’t end up like, say, Nicholas Cage, just playing yourself in every movie. 

Thankfully that’s not Hiddleston’s lot in life, and so here are 10 times he totally transformed for a role.

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