Thursday, March 14, 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch: Sherlock's big in the US – but not as big as Elementary (RADIO TIMES)

But the star says Americans love the British show's "reverence for the originals and the relationship between Sherlock and Watson"

Claire Webb and Paul Jones
11:42 AM, 13 March 2013

It’s fair to say there’s been a certain amount of rivalry among fans of Sherlock and Elementary, the recent UK and US Sherlock Holmes TV updates.

But while Sherlock is the clear winner over here – and also boasts a significant Stateside following – its star Benedict Cumberbatch admits Elementary just about has the edge in America.  

"Sherlock has spread far and wide. It's not as big as – well, probably not as big as – Elementary over there, that's a huge show," said Cumberbatch, "But still, lots of people have seen it. It's really surprising."

While both series update the action to the modern day, Elementary – starring Cumberbatch's friend and coutryman Jonny-Lee Miller – moves it from Sherlock Holmes's native London to New York, features a female Dr Watson and has been criticised for being too far-removed from the original.

Cumberbatch says US audiences, like their British counterparts, appreciate the authenticity of the BBC show.

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