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Behind the shoot: Tertius Bune on Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve

By William de Martigny and David Annand Photos by Tertius Bune 25 March 14

It's photographer Tertius Bune's longstanding friendship with British Actor, Benedict Cumberbatch that was the catalyst behind their seminal photoshoot for the latest issue of GQ Style. Shot on Los Angeles' iconic Mulholland Drive we see Cumberbatch and his Star Trek Into Darkness  co-star Alice Eve transformed into a modern day Bonnie and Clyde.

His relationship with Cumberbatch is demonstrated through a truly unique and unfiltered way of representing his friend. "I do believe I can cast him in a light that shows him as he ultimately is," Bune says of the actor. "I'm talking about his versatility as a human being." In fact the shoot is testament to the spontaneity that comes from real friendship - an invitation to stay for a few days in LA provided all the inspiration Bune needed. "It was such an amazing time…but most importantly to witness this truly awesome moment in Benedict's career. Such a gift to be able to share that with him".

Here Bune talks to GQ Style about what it is like to photograph your best friend and the inspiration behind his take on the American Road Trip…

GQ Style: Tell us about your shoot with Benedict Cumberbatch. Where were you?

Tertius Bune: I had come to L.A. for a couple of shoots whilst Benedict was promoting a movie. Benedict invited me to stay with him at his house in Venice Beach. I met Alice the first night I arrived while at an Oscars party. The three of us just clicked. As we all hung out in the following weeks, I thought to myself; here they are after over ten years from first meeting and working together, both of their careers had really picked up steam in the prior few years. This is where the inspiration for the story came. Benedict and Alice both seemed to be grabbing or if you will, "stealing" all these roles in Hollywood. The story was shot on Mulholland Drive, a road in L.A. that has a certain outlaw quality and history to it.

We understand that you and Benedict are old friends - is there a particular trick to shooting someone you know so well?

Yes, Benedict and I have known each other since I was six and he eight years old. There is no particular trick to photographing someone you've known your whole life but I do believe I can cast him in a different light due to the fact that I know him as well as I do.  This shoot in particular I wanted to show his edgier side. Which is not something I contrived, he has it. I see the media painting Benedict as the proper British boy (yes this is part of him), but he has a vast range. And I'm not just talking about acting or character range.

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