Friday, April 25, 2014

Henry Cavill pics from my kind of town - CHICAGO


Henry poses with Alex Quintero who is a bouncer at the club.

He shared the rest of his story with us (thanks so much Dave!):

I received a phone call from my boyfriend, around 3pm 420/Easter Sunday, who was waiting tables at Jack's on Halsted - 3201 N. HALSTED- and he said he wasn't sure but he thought Henry Cavill was there having brunch w an unknown female. I was house sitting at Irving Park n Kedzi area, so I flew over to Jack's w the hope of a pic n autograph...

Not wanting to get my boyfriend Barry in trouble, I made sure to get permission from Mr. Cavill to approach him after he was done eating cuz the last thing I wanted to do was annoy THE MAN OF STEEL! Anyway, Mr. Cavill said sure and my boyfriend said it was up to me I took a breath and headed toward their table. I introduced myself to Henry and shook his hand then turned to the woman to shake her hand and introduce myself ...turns out the "unknown female" is none other than Gina Carano, star of action flick HAYWIRE, 2008 American Gladiator Crush, world champion MMA fighter. Said hello as Henry was standing up so my boyfriend could take our pic...I was breathless w the double wammy of the two cuz I love her too and wasn't expecting it to be her- I was floored. All I could say to her was that she was gorgeous. Then we took the pic and I handed him my wallet and a black marker - I came prepared for him, not her too tho!- as he signed, I gushed about how a great superman he makes and what a great job he's doin and congratulations and good luck w ur career. Then I walked away to compose myself..they were about to cash out when Henry went to the bathroom - exactly where I was trying to compose. I got out of his way and thanked him again. Then I said to my boyfriend- loud enough for Henry to hear- that I was leaving now so Henry would not get creeped out. But because I spazzed on Gina, I headed to her on the way out, to tell her that he was gorgeous as well as they were together! Congrats and happy Easter! Peace out, faster than a speeding bullet ;-) 

For the rest go to HENRY CAVILL NEWS - many more pictures!

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