Monday, June 9, 2014

Tom Hiddleston rumoured to be next villain in Batman v. Superman

PUBLISHED: JUNE 9, 2014 03:05

- English theatre and movie actor
- Known for playing Loki in the Marvel Studios film "Thor"
- Won 2013 MTV movie award for Best Villain for role in "The Avengers"

Rumours are flowing through the internet about actor Tom Hiddleston as many believe that he might soon be chosen as the next villain in the movie "Batman v. Superman". The actor has earned much critical acclaim and love from fans for his amazing performance as Loki in the Avengers movies in which he has arguably stolen most of the scenes he has been involved in and left some of the most memorable impressions on movie viewers.

While the rumours have not been substantiated entertainment insiders have noted that eventually in the Dark Knight series there will be a need for the Joker to make his presence felt in the movie and while Heath Ledger was incredible as the Joker in the movie there is no one that doubts the ability of the 2013 winner of the MTV movie award for the Best Villain to be spectacular in this role.

One of the things that makes the rumour about Tom Hiddleston potentially playing the role of Joker so juicy and appealing is that despite the movie role having been played by Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson there is complete confidence within entertainment insiders that he will be able to provide a different outlook of the character.


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