Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We HAD to make Aidan Turner go topless to keep it realistic, Poldark makers claim

By Hannah Furness, Arts Correspondent7:00AM BST 21 Apr 2015

Aiden Turner receives a quick touch up inbetween some scythe action - Poldark
Aiden Turner receives a quick touch up inbetween some scythe action Photo: BBC

The makers of Poldark have insisted they had to make Aidan Turner remove his top for key scenes in the period drama, in order to keep it true to the book.

Damien Timmer, one of the BBC show’s executive producers, said the memorable scenes were “pretty innocent”, and merely recreated the storyline laid out by author Winston Graham.

“Aidan has that integrity in the way he plays Ross, he commits to it so completely, he is Ross in all of his complex brooding,” he told the Radio Times.

Aidan Turner's portrayal of Captain Ross Poldark is 'by the book' Photo: BBC

When asked about the actor’s regular “shirtlessness”, he added: “Honestly, we were pretty innocent about the shirt taking-off stuff.

“No, really, Ross does it in the book, he goes swimming, he washes himself clean. And he’s a farmer, and it’s very hot in Cornwall! Besides, we didn’t audition him with his clothes off.”

His comments came after viewers complained about Sunday night's penultimate episode in the BBC1 series, because Turner kept all his clothes on.

One wrote on Twitter: "I miss half naked Aidan Turner."


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