Friday, February 14, 2014

Charming Brits oust Hollywood Hunks topping 2014 sexiest actors poll (Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom HIddleston, Michael Fassbender)

11:42am Friday 14th February 2014

With the BAFTAs taking place in London's Royal Opera House this weekend, the british film industry is set to take over from the palm trees of Hollywood this award season, but it's not just the incredible films the UK has turned out in 2013 that has got the world's attention - it's the British male actors that have ladies everywhere in a spin according to the UK's leading dating website for extramarital affairs,

A poll asking female members who makes their heart's beat faster on screen, and the top objects of desire were: Benedict Cumberbatch 38% in first place, followed by Tom Hiddleston 27%, and Michael Fassbender 19% third. This is a total turnaround from the 2013 poll which put Wolverine star Hugh Jackman 48% first, the ultra smooth Bradley Cooper 29% second, and the handsome Denzel Washington third with 16%.

British talent really did takeover in 2013, dominating our screens at home and cinema. Benedict Cumberbatch has won the heart of the nation with his fantastic take on Sherlock, giving new life to one of the Uk's best loved detectives, he also earned a National Television Award for 'Best Detective' early this year, and played a plantation owner in Steve McQueen's brilliant Academy Award and BAFTA nominated '12 Years a slave'.

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